Computer Litaracy

We now live in a day and age where digital literacy saturates almost every aspect of society. Adults work with an ipad, student’s complete assignments on laptops and even primary school children fill in worksheets on iPads.

Computer literacy is therefore an essential skill that children need in order to maneuver through a society that is abound with technology.

By introducing them early to computer education, we can not only prepare them for a better future, but also impart them with important skills such as critical thinking, creativity and problem-solving. Don’t get this wrong – computer education can by no means replace traditional forms of learning such as reading and writing, but a proper integration of the two and create a meaningful learning experience for your child.

Coastech Empowerment Community in partnership with Al-Muqtadir Ability Center hosted a hands on training over a period of 1 month on Computer Literacy at Mvita Primary School from October 6-26, 2019. The training was facilitated by Salim, Usama, Iftisam and Mukhtar.

The students were from Standard 5 up to standard 7 and they were able to learn the terminologies of day to day computer hardware, concepts of a desktop computer and how to operate it, a little introduction to the future of technology and its career opportunities especially in respect to the gaming world where many kids are interested in Play Station, XBOX 1 and desktop/laptop games, microsoft word, excel and file management.

The training session ended on 26th October 2019 and the students were awarded with certificates.

Event Photos