Cyber Speak

Due to high rise in Cyber threats, Coastech Empowerment in collaboration with CyberSpeak LC hosted a forum on 4th October at swahilipot hub. The forum kicked off at 5pm with an introduction to Cyber security. 


Corporates, Government and organizations need to put more control measures

to defend themselves from cyber threat epidemic. People are talking about cybersecurity in Kenya. Businesses are operating in a globalized space where other region’s regulations affect how business is to be conducted. Organizations in Kenya  have to develop cyber security strategies so as they serve an international community. In addition local governments and regulatory bodies are demanding more from organizations in the quest of guaranteeing data

privacy and security.


The conversations on cyber security in the continent are increasing at the right

time. The continents cyber security maturity is still below the cybersecurity

poverty line and more has more has to be done.


During the session, we explore security for systems including security

by design and security for people involved in advocacy and activism.


The Objectives was To enable participants appreciate, understand and get specific

insights into the topics delivered – from industry and knowledge matter practitioners. Speakers delve in-depth in content on the topics, and highlight key areas of interest for the audience.


The Audience type was as follows:- 


● ICT & information security enthusiasts & professionals

● Lawyers

● Data privacy enthusiasts

● Journalists

● Activists

● Student

● Developers

● BlockChain innovators

● IT Policy enthusiasts

● Government agencies

● IT Security managers, specialists or executives keen on

understanding legal & regulatory environments in data

privacy & IT law


The speakers were drawn from the respective areas of ICT that were

on discussion. They shared their experience and gave an overview

on the current trend, and the security aspect of this.


Areas of Focus were:-

● Blockchain Technologies

● Security for Activists

● Critical infrastructure

● Security by Design

● Women In Tech / Infosec


The kickoff was led by michael from cyberspeak where he did the introduction to what cyber speak is all about. Later he introduced the first speaker who was irene Njoroge who joined remotely via skype and took the audience through women in Tech/info sec


Dr Jacton Opiyo was the next speaker where he touched on combating cyber threats in

critical infrastructure through due diligence. He also mentioned that every nation has an obligation to protect essential government, financial, energy, transportation, and other critical infrastructure operations against terrorist activities and natural disasters. I posit that

there is a need for a body that addresses security and critical infrastructure needs through objective research that assists national, county, and private organizations in preventing and mitigating terrorist activities, as well as in improving disaster preparedness, response, and recovery.


After that, a ten minutes (10) power break of Q and A was led by collins where the attendees were given room to ask questions to the speakers.

Here are some of the question


  1. What are the opportunities in the cyber industry? 

  2. How does one get started in the cyberspace? 


Mariam Mubarak Zaunga who is a security activist took over with a quick demo on the tools used by hacker and activist. She was able to share links on where one can download and freely install the tools. 


Swaleh abubaker who simply considers himself as the ‘solution’ to your data and business problems talked about security by design. This was mainly for developers who are less concerned about security when developing and deploying applications. 


He went ahead on pausing a question to the audience  WHAT IS SECURITY?

There were random answers from the room and decided to simplify it as Computer security is a continuous process dealing with confidentiality, integrity, and availability on multiple layers of a system.

Key Aspects of Software Security

  • Integrity

  • Confidentiality

  • Availability

He also shared some principles of design which are as follows:- 




  1. Least Privilege

  2. Fail-Safe Defaults

  3. Economy of Mechanism

  4. Complete Mediation

  5. Open Design

  6. Separation Privilege

  7. Least Common Mechanism

  8. Psychological Acceptability

  9. Defense in Depth


Later it was followed by a Flash Talk (Give opportunity to audience to pitch skills, opportunity, solutions). The audience was able to have a round talk on their various areas of expertise, projects that they were working on and challenges being faced. 


Michael and Mukhtar decided to have a FireSide Chat Discussions on BlockChain, Cyber Insurance, Security where all speakers were brought forward  and asked random questions.


By 7.25pm Brighton from swahilipot gave out a closing remarks, thanking everyone and the organizers who made effort in planning and ensuring a successful event it was. 

A group photo was taken and it was an open group for people to network.  


Event Photos