Kids Who Code

Web development combines creativity and analytical skills perfectly. It’s for the detail orientated and those with an eye for design.

In the present modern age, it is not a plus point to remain, as a computer literate but one should also be an expert in the usage of the World Wide Web. As hundreds and thousands of websites and blogs are launched or if one is planning to launch his own business on the internet and make use of a website for marketing purposes, then he/she needs to learn the basics of web designing.

Coatech Empowerment Community hosted a 4 day Camp at Memon Primary school from April 4th 2019 to 7th. During the training we were able to teach kids in class 4 to 6 on basic Web Designing on HTML5 and CSS3 programming languages facilitated by Murtaza and usama

On the  first two days, we covered  HTML structures, elements, tags, classes, ID, href attributes, images and Links. After some hours of attempts, the students were able to review and demonstrate what we had covered during that period of time. Not to forget the help of our colleagues Swaliha and Mukhtar who assisted where students needed help. 

The  third day of training, murtaza introduced them to Cascade Style Sheet (CSS) were most of them got excited as they could modify their webpages by adding colors, borders, rotation, transformations, increasing/decreasing  height, width and much more.

After finishing CSS, we decided to have a quiz to know if the students could remember. Surprisingly they were able to add more features to their web pages that they had created and stored them locally on folders.

We honoured them with certificates, T-shirts and stickers, and finally a group photo was taken with the students and all CTEC members.

Event Photos