Creating a Digital Presence

There is a strong connection between Technological development, Innovations and entrepreneurship.Tech-preneurship is either involved in delivering an innovative tech product (softwares). or makes use of tech in an innovative way to deliver its product to the consumer or both.Tech-preneurship is not a product but a process of synthesis in engineering the future of a person, an organization, a nation and the world. Strategic directions or decision-making processes are becoming more demanding.

Coastech Empowerment Community succeeded in holding a half-day event on Tech-Preneurship on Saturday 1st December, 2018 from 9:30am to 2:30pm at Pwani University to inspire,educate and equip the students with the knowledge on how to use ICT in their respective fields of study to help them grow in today’s market.

The event started with an introduction of Pwani University team leader, a 4th year Computer Science student, followed by his fellow students. After that, Mukhtar introduced himself and later every member of  CTEC introduced themselves with their roles.

After the introductions, Shehnaz briefed the attendees about Coastech Empowerment Community, its mission and vision and engaged the students in a short game to keep them active and interested.

She then invited the first speaker, Zamzam, who talked about ‘Creating Digital Presence’. She illustrated to the students on how advertising modes have changed over the years to enable the public be aware of a specific entreprise existing. She also enlightened the students on effective ways of building an online presence and how to do digital marketing. After her presentation, she welcomed a few questions from the audience.

Mukhtar then introduced the second speaker, Swaliha, who walked the attendees through ‘Social Media’. She managed to explain to the audience the importance and benefits of businessmen using several social media platforms to advertise themselves as entreprises.

She mentioned the concept of augmented reality, a current trend in social media, and showed a video demo to elaborate more on that.   

After that, there was a short break which also gave room for networking between students and ctec members.

After the break, Mukhtar introduced the next speaker, Iftisam, who took the students through ‘Websites’. She talked about the importance of businesses having a website and the types of websites that would suit SME’s. She also enlightened the audience about how a website can help a business.

Mukhtar then took over and gave a live demonstration to the students on how to start up a business page on social media. He also spoke about ‘Securing a Website’ where he elaborated ways on how to ensure safety of an organization’s website. He also mentioned on security measures when one is to have a website, Eg SSL certificate, End to End encryption, etc.

One of the students talked about having a running app on playstore and the audience was introduced to it as well. This motivated the others as well.

The next speaker, Pauline, was then introduced who presented about ‘Email Marketing’. She talked about benefits of email marketing and how organizations need to precisely use email marketing as a tool.

Murtaza then took over and presented on ‘SEO and SEM’. This mainly entailed how to boost the rank of a website in search results by bidding for a most common keyword and paying for it.

Salim, the last speaker was then introduced who took the audience through ‘Email phishing, spams and scams’. He talked about how to identify fake emails and protect oneself from them to stay safe.

After all speakers had presented their work, questions from the audience were welcomed and answered.

The event successfully ended at around 2:30pm with closing remarks that were given by Mukhtar and a word of prayer by one of the students.