Digital Skills of Africa

According to Google over 500,000 people in Africa have received trainings for Africa Digital Skills program from the time it was launched. Through this new online portal, more people have gained skills and knowledge that helps them build and grow businesses and find and create new jobs

Coastech Empowerment Community in collaboration with e Mobilis was able to conduct a half-day event/training at Mewa Library which aimed at educating and empowering the youth in Mombasa county by giving free practical and intensive digital training.The session was facilitated by Faith Kitavi, a representative from eMobilis.

 The event kicked off with a brief introduction to Coastech Empowerment Community by one of the co-founders, Mr Mukhtar Salim then followed by CTEC officials giving brief introduction about themselves and the role they play in Coastech Empowerment Community. Ms. Faith Kitavi picked up from there, and gave a brief introduction about herself and walked us through the amazing journey  in her career.

Faith Kitavi concentrated on the following key areas :

  1. She talked about the key areas to consider when setting online presence
  2. How to create a website/blog for your business
  3. How to create a You tube channel and earnings
  4. Tips on soft skills that will boost ones business such as; Attitude,Teamwork,Communication & Problem solving
  5. A demo on how to set a business account by Faith Kitavi and Shehnaz Abubakar.

After Faith Kitavi’s session, thee event concluded with a networking session where the attendees got to interact with each other.

Event Photos